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Tenerife – A Tourist Paradise The largest and one of the most beautiful of seven Canary Islands, Tenerife is a paradise for tourists. Surrounded with over 350 kilometres of coastline with several golden sandy beaches, this island is a popular European holiday destination and has an abundance of spectacular natural beauty. Quipped with a lovely climate, it is a fantastic place to visit at any time of the year.

Like other islands, Tenerife too offers various activities and places to relax such as water sports, seductive sandy beaches, tourist sights and nightlife. Thomson provides complete packages for a vacation to the island to suit the requirement of every tourist. If Tenerife is the next place you would want to visit and are looking for a holiday that involves a whole lot of different things and activities, apart from the usual beaches and diving, the island will not disappoint you.

You can take a thrilling underwater scooter ride which will provide you with an up-and-close view of the beautiful marine world.

*A hike to the renowned snow-covered Mount Teide Volcano is an ecstatic experience. The view from the top is simply beautiful, and you can even spot Africa and the Mediterranean from up there!

*Take a boat trip on the clear ocean water for some dolphin spotting. This activity is fun for people of all ages.

*The island offers some amazing and scrumptious cuisines that one cannot afford to miss. The Canarian cuisine is a combination of traditional and authentic Spanish recipes, with a touch of Latin American and African tastes. Tenerife has several cafes and restaurants with lavish menus and one can get a taste of native Spanish food without it being too expensive. Fresh fish is indeed excellent and Papas Arrugadas is one of the most well-known recipes from the Canarian cuisine and is worth trying.

*The Las Canada National Park is another place to visit in Tenerife and is an instant hit with children as well.

*For those with an ear for music and love for orchestra, Tenerife Opera House is an ideal place to visit, as it plays host to renowned theatre and orchestra companies.

*Apart from the abundant scenic beauty that Tenerife offers, it also hosts some celebrated and delightful festivals and carnivals. Corpus Christi is the most famous festival of the island.

*The island is well-suited for golf enthusiasts as well and has several golf courses for all level of golfers.

*Another attraction of the island is its vivacious nightlife with many bars and pub to cater to all budget requirements.

*To get a real feel of the island, visiting the traditional villages is recommended. You can try the local cuisine there as well as explore historical monuments and opulent churches. You could also taste the local wine and cheese, and see how traditional basket embroidery is done.

If you are planning a vacation to Tenerife, you can visit Thomson and get assistance with bookings and itinerary, keeping in mind your requirements and budget. Tenerife is, undoubtedly, a lovely place to visit and does not fail to surprise you with its beauty and grandeur.

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