Alright, so week three of my of my Divemaster internship has just come to an end and I’m already a PADI Rescue diver!

I am definitely excited about that and I can’t believe that I have come this far in such a short time.

Randall did an excellent job instructing Steve and myself on our confined rescue dive scenerio while patrick supervised. Buzz did an excellent job playing the role of an panicked diver even though he had a big grin on his face the entire time.

Later in the week we did a bunch of excellent diving at Abades and Las Eras taking Terry and Andy with us. Terry is a rescue diver who used to be an intern here, and we were taking Andy on his five adventure dives to become a PADI Advanced open water diver.

On Sunday we had a day off and Patrick drove Steve,  Buzz, Flounder, and myself up to the top Mount Teide to do some site seeing.

It is absolutely beautiful and humbling to see just how big that mountain really is. So over all it has been another amazing week in Tenerife with excellent diving and excellent people. Now its time to work on what I came here to do, become a Divemaster.