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I am so close only a few more items to complete and I will be a Divemaster!!!


This week has been a bit different with mostly administrative work and finally completing my PADI Divemaster Manual now studying  towards my Divemaster exams.

We started off the week in the pool to go through the 24 skills you need to learn to complete your Divemaster. It’s so much fun to see how much my skills have improved since we started.  Now I just have to look forward to the Divemaster marked Skill session.

Stamina exercises has been a task this week as well. I finished off my 100 Meter tow and 800 meter snorkel at both 4 points out of 5! I Couldn’t be happier!

We had two beautiful dives at Abades with Katie, Ian and Heather . The visibility, air consumption and weather was impeccable! Before we headed off for Abades we tried El Puertito and Alcalà, but both places had bad conditions. Better safe then sorry!

Two more weeks to go, and my Divemaster certification is breathing me in the neck!