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Goodbye old friend, Bring on the Divemaster course

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This week was a bittersweet 72% cocoa dark chocolate.

Yesterday marks Ollie’s last day. I am very proud that she’s a certified Divemaster and super thankful I’ve met a wonderful crazy friend. For the past three weeks, she cheered me on, encouraged me and attacked me.

As mentioned in previous posts, my stamina components needs work, lots of work. Ollie gave me tips and exercise workouts to improve my physical health. Through muscle aches and lots of exercise, I saw myself improve my timings and stamina. We also helped each other with our individual reef-mapping.

For my rescue diver scenario exercises, Ollie was my panic diver, unconscious and unresponsive diver. She is a top-notch actress, tearing my mask and made me drink sea water countless of times. Granted, I made her guzzle salt water when she was my unresponsive diver.

I am definitely going to miss diving and having good times with her, and wishing her the best in her diving career.

On the bright-side, I had my first bubble maker and I’m on my way to become a PADI Divemaster real soon!

Passing my Rescue Diver and working on my 800m snorkel with the team everyday, passing the course is just a matter of time, and not an impossibility.


Open Water Diver, Rescue Diver and Divemaster Courses


Paul is back !! Paul is spending 2 weeks here with us doing his PADI Rescue course and some dives.
This week has also been one of the busiest i have ever had.
On monday we dived Poco naufragio and peqeño valle, and in the afternoon i did the PADI Rescue confined sessions with Paul and Seahorse, one of my favorite courses to do, and always a lot of fun.
The week continued with a PADI Advanced course with a wonderfull couple of students, Ellen and Trystan.
While continuing the PADI advanced course I started a PADI Open water diver course with Maik, a possible intern.
We flew through the week with a night dive at tabaiba to continue the advanced, then the open water dives and the last advanced dive at yellow mountain. And finally we finished the week on friday with 2 of Casandra’s friends doing Discover Scuba Diving experinces , and also finishing my open water students dives.
I spent my saturday sleeping to recover from the week, but i hope i have another week like this one, full of lovely people and great experiences.

Time is moving so fast; but the diving experience is getting better and better!

PADI Rescue Diver Tenerife

I cannot believe I have already enjoyed three weeks of my Divemaster internship!
I have become so comfortable with all the employees and the great weather; I only wish I could slow down time so I can enjoy this opportunity longer.

After attaining my PADI Advanced Open Water certification last week, the hard work has not let up and I am proud to now own the title of a PADI certified Rescue Diver!
All week I practiced my skills on how to safely and effectively rescue another diver in the water. It was great fun performing all the dive exercises in the Marina which entailed search and recovery, in-water rescue breaths, and my favourite, panicked diver scenarios.

Most of the rest of the week was spent enjoying the beautiful reef dive at Abades. This site has quickly become one of my favorite and most popular dive sites because of the magnificent variety of fish we always encounter.

It has been so rewarding to continually progress my PADI certification levels and next week I will be prepared to take the PADI Divemaster exam!

If all goes well, I can continue to accumulate my number of dives and sooner than I know it I will reach Divemaster status!