PADI Divemaster Instructor internship – GoPro 8

The ultimate PADI Professional internship.

PADI Instructor internship GoPro 8 is the ultimate package for people who want to completely change their lives and the lives of those they teach!
The PADI Instructor internship GoPro 8 package is a comprehensive training program designed to develop the skills and attitudes required to become a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor.

First Part: Recreational Dive Training
You will start with the PADI Open Water.
Where you will experience diving in different conditions and using some special gear, then on to the Emergency First Response course where you will learn basic Resuscitation and First Aid Techniques, to the PADI Rescue Diver level where you will learn how to prevent and solve problems in the water.

Second Part: Divemaster Training
The second step will be entering the Professional level of diver Education.
You’ll start with the PADI Divemaster course, a program where you will learn to guide experienced divers during the exploration of the underwater world here in Tenerife, and also to assist student divers in training under the supervision of a diving instructor.

During the PADI Divemaster program you will learn a lot more about the Dive Theory which will cover subjects like; Physic, Physiology, Equipment, Use of the RDP Table version and the ERDP, General Skills. Don’t worry if this seems a little daunting as our PADI Instructor’s will be on hand every step of the way to assist you.
During the practical applications you will perfect your diving demonstration skills so you’ll be able to demonstrate skills to inexperienced divers and students.

Divemaster Experience
Once you become a PADI Divemaster, our program will allow you to get some experience and log lots of dives while actually helping out on our daily activities in Tenerife. This segment will give you that hand’s on experience that will guarantee you the proper understanding of the duties and responsibilities involved in being a PADI Divemaster and allowing you to log up to 100 dives.

Third Part: Pre IDC
Prior to the start of the IDC you will have 4 weeks training on theory, and skills.

Fourth Part: IDC and IE
The PADI Instructor Development Course (abbreviated to IDC) is run over 9 days and is actually 2 courses.
The first part is the PADI Assistant Instructor course (AI) and the second part is the PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI).
When you have been successful on both parts you then go forward to the Instructor Examination (IE) which lasts 2 days.
During your Instructor Development Course (IDC) you will have the following presentations given to you by the Course Director or a Staff Instructor.

Course orientation
Learning, Instruction and the PADI System
Developing Knowledge Development Presentations
Teaching in Confined Water
Conducting Open Water Dives
General Standards and Procedures 1
Risk Management 1
Marketing Diving
Start Diving
Teaching PADI Specialty Diver Courses
Business of Diving
Keep Diving
General Standards and Procedures 2
PADI Open Water Diver Course
PADI Adventures in Diving Program
Adventure Dive Workshop
PADI Rescue Diver Course
PADI Rescue Exercise Workshop
PADI Divemaster Course
Risk Management 2
Duty of Care Workshop (optional)

During your IDC you will perform several presentations in the classroom, confined water and open water. After each presentation you will be given a score and feedback on how to improve for the next one.
You will also have at least one theory exam, which includes Physics, Physiology, Skills and the Environment, Equipment and RDP, which you must pass with at least 75% in each section.
You will also need to pass a standards exam. If any exams are not passed they must be retaken in order to pass the IDC.

During a pool session you will be asked to complete the skill circuit with a minimum score of 68 over the 20 skills.
You will need to buy the IDC Crew Pack which contains everything you need for the IDC and once you are an Instructor.
If you pass the IDC you are then eligible to go onto the Instructor Exam.

PADI Instructor Exam (IE)
The IE is held over a day and a half.
The examiners are PADI staff who fly over from the UK, which is where the PADI EMEA Head office is located.
During your IE you will have to pass;
Each section on the 5 theory exams (physics, physiology, skills and the environment, RDP and equipment)
Standards exam
Knowledge development presentation
Confined water presentation
Confined water skill circuit
Open water teaching presentation
Open water rescue demonstration
General skills

After each stage the examiner will inform you if you have passed or failed.
There are some sections you can retake during your IE, failure in other sections mean you will have to attend another IE.
You will only need to retake the section (exams, knowledge development, confined water or open water) that you failed.
When you pass, the paperwork is processed by PADI and they will inform you that you are an Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI).
Then your dream adventure begins.

So now you are a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor!
Gaining experience teaching PADI a full range of PADI courses, and starting to work towards gaining your Master Scuba Diver Trainer Qualification.

To take this course, you must be:
18 years old
Physically fit
Be available for a minimum of 24 weeks

So at the end of our PADI Divemaster / PADI Instructor internship GoPro 8 Package you will have the following qualifications:
PADI Open Water Diver
PADI Advanced Diver
PADI Rescue Diver
EFR Primary and Secondary Care
PADI Divemaster
PADI Instructor (OWSI)

What the Internship includes
· Accommodation for 24 weeks
· PADI Open Open Water Diver Course
· PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course
· PADI Adventures in diving Manual
· Certification
· PADI Rescue Diver Course
· PADI Rescue Diver Manual
· Certification
· Emergency First Response Course
· EFR Participant Manual
· Certification
· PADI Divemaster Course
· PADI Divemaster Crewpak
· Minimum 100 Dives
· Pre IDC
· PADI Instructor Development Course + Instructor Examination
· PADI Instructor Kit
· EFRI Instructor Kit

What is not included in the Internship?
· Flights / travel
· Living Expenses ~ food etc
· Diving Equipment
· Diving Insurance
· Diving Medical
· PADI Divemaster Application Fees
· PADI Instructor fees
· PADI EFRi Instructor Fees

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