Well I am definitely excited to say that at the start of my 5th week, here at Dive and Sea Tenerife, I passed my Divemaster exam!!! Whoooo!!!

Now all I have to do is get my dive count up and I’ll be a Divemaster.

So this week was a week filled with diving. We started off with two great dives at Tabaiba doing Patrick’s son James’s advanced open water dives. And then throughout the middle of the week we did four dives at Abades, and then ending a another two dives in Tabaiba.

Also this week we welcomed a new intern, Ollie. She’s from Norway and speaks English very well and fits in perfectly with the rest of the team.

But as we gain one intern we lose another. This was Buzz’s last week at the dive shop and I was so sad to see him go, he became a very good friend and I look forward to diving with him in the future.

Well now its on to my sixth week here and my last week as a rescue diver!

Sunset in Tenerife