This week was a bittersweet 72% cocoa dark chocolate.

Yesterday marks Ollie’s last day. I am very proud that she’s a certified Divemaster and super thankful I’ve met a wonderful crazy friend. For the past three weeks, she cheered me on, encouraged me and attacked me.

As mentioned in previous posts, my stamina components needs work, lots of work. Ollie gave me tips and exercise workouts to improve my physical health. Through muscle aches and lots of exercise, I saw myself improve my timings and stamina. We also helped each other with our individual reef-mapping.

For my rescue diver scenario exercises, Ollie was my panic diver, unconscious and unresponsive diver. She is a top-notch actress, tearing my mask and made me drink sea water countless of times. Granted, I made her guzzle salt water when she was my unresponsive diver.

I am definitely going to miss diving and having good times with her, and wishing her the best in her diving career.

On the bright-side, I had my first bubble maker and I’m on my way to become a PADI Divemaster real soon!

Passing my Rescue Diver and working on my 800m snorkel with the team everyday, passing the course is just a matter of time, and not an impossibility.