Alright so Alan’s blog week number six at the wonderful dive shop, here on the beautiful island of Tenerife.

So this week diving wise has been the week of el puertito. We started off the week on monday diving with Patrick and James on their last dive with us, for now at least.

Randall did a great job leading the first dive, and then he gave me the task of leading the second! I feel so much more confident with it all, like the dive briefing and the underwater navigation.

Later on in the week we went back to el puertito with an open water diver who’s name was Fabio. He’s from Italy and only had a few dives under his belt but was still good. The first dive was the best dive that I’ve had at the site. We had a turtle follow us for a half hour and wouldn’t leave us alone, it was a great opportunity for pictures!

Friday we went to the boat. It was sad seeing it out of the water and with one of its sides deflated but we where able to clean the underside of it and get it just a little closer to going back into the water.

The rest of the week was full of administration work, which is good to get that kind of experience of the dive industry.
I ended the week with 57 dives and I need 60 to be a Divemaster!

Ahhh I’m soooo close!! I can’t wait to be a PADI professional, it has been a dream of mine for quite some time. Bring on week number 7!!

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