Equipment Reviews – Sealife DC1200

Reviewed by Sophie Manby ~ PADI Divemaster.

The SeaLife DC1200 is the fantastic upgrade from the hugely popular DC1000,

This new model offers underwater photography as simple as it gets. Ideal for all experience photographers as it boasts a range of settings and functions suitable for all.

The 12 megapixel camera has removed the complicated button cluster cameras usually have and replaced them with the ingenious five thumb operated “piano key” controls.

The large shutter button lengthened for a fingertip-control lever that allows you to scroll through the menu or zoom (25x zoom. 5x optical plus 5x digital zoom) without taking your finger off, allowing you to concentrate on the 3” LCD screen.

Four underwater modes: Sea mode with Snorkel, External Flash Auto, External Flash Manual.

The DC1200 also offers 12 Land modes: Auto, Sports, Sunset, Sunrise, Snow, Beach, Panorama, Splash-water, Flow-water, Night Scene, Landscape, and Fireworks.

The DC1200 also comes equipped with a “spy mode” set so the camera automatically shoots continuous pictures at set time intervals.

Easy Set-up mode takes the guess work out of setting up the camera for great pictures, so never again will you miss the opportunity to catch that perfect photograph of the stunning reef, magical wreck or that astonishing creature.

The housing is rubber toughened polycarbonate individually tested to 60m with a weight at under 500grams and dimensions of 3.5”H X 5.5”W X 3.4”D.

An inbuilt memory of 29MB with an SD/SDHC Card optional, and a rechargeable lithium battery life of 2hours or 200photographs.

Additional accessories include: Digital Pro Flashes, wide angle lenses, travel cases and buoyancy aids.

Additional Notes by Pete (PADI MSDT)

As you may already know we use Sealife camera’s in our PADI Dive centre so we know the good and the bad points of them very well. The quality of the pictures are simply fantastic, if you want see some check out our gallery, whilst all of the pictures from the last 8 months are taken with a Sealife , just remember we have too reduce the quality to enable us to get lots of pics on to the web. The originals are crystal clear and near perfect.

This new camera is simply stunning. Sealife have taken on board all the comments from their customers and have taken a great camera, the DC1000, and made it a truly fantastic camera.

I haven’t had the chance to use the DC1200 yet, but we have now sold a couple and they look great. The all new layout on the back is simplicity itself and will make life for the diver much easier.

Add the above with the extra couple of million pixels and the already superb workmanship and after care service that comes with Sealife and they have a winner.

Now who can I get to lend me one? 🙂