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Mares She Dive Collection

Reviewed by Emma Nolan ~ PADI Divemaster intern.

Women divers everywhere will be delighted to hear the news that Mares now supply a complete range of diving equipment specifically designed for female divers, the She Dives collection.

This gear line is designed specifically for women in style, cut, and ergonomics making your dives much more comfortable than in years past when women had to make do with gear designed for men.

This collection not only fits the female diver better but it also looks prettier. You can choose all your diving equipment from your BCD, regulator, fins, mask and snorkel in a range of colours including pink and light blue.

The She Dives suits range has beautiful flower detail and all contain the She Dives logo. You can even get the She Dives Strap Cover with She Dives logo providing comfort and helping to keep your mask strap in place.

This careful consideration and detail in functionality and aesthetic design specifically for women make the She Dives collection the ideal choice for your Scuba and snorkelling needs.

In this review I shall just be skimming across the range to give you a taster of what’s available.

I’ll start by introducing you to the She Dives BCD range.
These are exceptionally well designed BCDs with shortened torso, dual-position lumbar backpack, self-draining pockets and weight integrated system.

The Kaila AT.
A BCD designed by women for women. A unique fit, designed and conceived to make diving incredibly comfortable for women without cutting on quality. The Mares patented system of pneumatic valves makes it possible to fill or empty the BCD regardless of your position in the water.

The Ergo Aliikai.
Aliikai, means “Queen of the Sea” in Hawaiian. Thanks to its lightweight and foldable structure, Aliikai is the perfect women’s BC for travelling, with a size, shape, and style dedicated to women: high lift capacity back mounted BCD, with comfort padded backpack, female shaped shoulder harness, and removable chest strap. Very light weight with plush lined padded neoprene collar.

Now the She Dives regulator range.

The Proton 42 Metal She Dives
The Mares Proton regulator is ideal for ladies with smaller mouths due to its reduced size and weight – eliminating that all too familiar jaw fatigue at the end of the dive. It has a Super-compact first stage, Maximum performance in minimum volume and Superflex hose.
It is an elegant, light regulator with unbeatable performance, even in cold water.

The Prestige 12S
Performance and reliability in a new compact and light first stage, it achieves maximum compactness in the new DIN version.
The four low-pressure ports are pre-oriented and allow for optimum arrangement of the hoses, which are now even softer and lighter. A medium-size second stage offers easy, natural, regular breathing.
This regulator completes the Mares line of regulators dedicated to women.

How about some really exciting Wet Suits?

The She Dives range now means that women can choose from the same variety of suits in the men’s range and more .without compromising on comfort or style.
With approximately 17 different suits to choose from including winter and summer wetsuits, dry suits and semi-dry suits.
All include features such as strategically placed super elastic neoprene, unparalleled comfort and new performed cut for women.
You can also choose from a wide range of Accessories for any diving need and purpose. These include new sturdy and durable bags, perfect for a variety of activities displaying the She Dives logo.
Masks that come in a range of different colours such as the X-Vision liquid skin or the X-Vision Mid which brings the advantages of the X-Vision to a wider range of divers. The MID size skirt is particularly suited for women and children or those with narrower faces. The new pink version is especially dedicated to female divers.
You can also choose from a variety of snorkels, all in different colours such as the Breezer.
Some fins are even especially designed for women such as the Volo Power. They allow for high performance with minimal exertion, are comfortable and light weight with anatomic foot pocket features, interior ribs that improve fit, eliminate foot suction and prevent foot pocket flexing which transmits more power to the blade.

Mares really have thought of everything so as to ensure maximum comfort and style for the fashion conscious female diver.