Equipment Reviews – Cressi Delta 1 Snorkel

Cressi Delta 1 Snorkel

Reviewed by Harry ~ PADI Divemaster.

The Snorkel!!
If you are not going snorkelling why have one?

The first reason is that if you have a long surface swim you are better to use your snorkel rather than the limited supply of air in your tank.

Second if you need to wait on the surface for a boat to pick up, you may well be glad you had your snorkel if you had minimal air left in your tank.

Finally you must wear one for all PADI Courses. And given the choice would you rather have your own or one that has been used by many other people?

Snorkels come in many types, with the main purpose to be able to breath at the surface whilst your face is submerged.

I have a Cressi Delta 1.

It does its job!!

A bit more about what features it has.
Starting from the top it has a splash top – this prevents water from entering.
It is slightly bent to follow a divers profile, and the mask attachment is height adjustable, and allows for the mask to clip on easily.
It has a flexible Bore to facilitate with swimming.
It is a reversible snorkel meaning you can use it on your right or your left.

In summary; good value and an essential piece of kit.

Price is approximately 15 Euros.