Diving Newsletter for May 2012

Hello EveryoneI hope that you have all had an enjoyable month.

Here at Dive and Sea we have welcomed back the lovely hot summer weather of Tenerife and the water temperature is heating up nicely!!

We have been busy meeting our new Divemaster intern and new divers to our centre, and as always a pleasure to welcoming back familiar faces.

I hope that you are all keeping updated with Facebook as well as website news.

Project AWARE Dive Against Debris

We had the most wonderful dive against debris not only could George, Melissa and Chris pat themselves on the back for the two large bags of debris collected at Pequeno Valle but on their ascent they were surrounded by a pod of 4 Dolphins, it was an amazing experience and I am sure the Dolphins were thanking us for tidying their sea up!  I think the dolphin looks like it is smiling at us!!

After this wonderful experience we were off to continue our good work at Starfish bay culling more Urchins..

The next Dive Against Debris and Urchin Culling dive will be at the end of June, any one interested in participating please contact melissa@diveandseatenerife.com

Summer Special Offer

Discover Scuba Diving

Including 1 open water dive is now discounted from 90 Euros to 70 Euros
Including 2 open water dives is now discounted from 110 Euros to 90 Euros

Is the first introduction into Scuba Diving, anyone from age 10 upwards can join in this experience.  With this you can dive with a PADI professional to a maximum of 12 meters for 1 year.  It can also be added towards the PADI Scuba Diver or PADI Open Water qualification

The Discover Scuba Diving experience normally lasts for one morning.  First of all you watch the Discover Scuba Diving DVD, then we get straight on to the pool session where you will learn some of the basic scuba diving skills and become comfortable with your scuba diving equipment.  Then its off to the ocean to come and meet the fish!  There is so much to see in Tenerife

Divemaster Update
PADI Assistant Instructors

It was all go last month, following the successful completion of their divemaster course Zippy and bungle started on the Assistant instructor course, they were joined by Jackie from Teide Divers.  All of the candidates performed brilliantly and it was huge sign of relief when they passed all their presentations and exams.
Well done to all three of you.  Below proudly showing off their new Assistant Instructor T shirts!!!

We said a sad farewell to George and Chris a hard act for new intern Aaron to follow but I am sure he will excel during their internship.

We welcomed Aaron from California who has managed to gain himself a whole variety of nicknames starting with Canadian Dave and I think we have finally settled after much debate on Juan!  Juan has joined us as an Open Water diver and whilst he is here for his 8 week induction he will be completing his Master Scuba Diver Certification, with Navigation, Boat, Fish ID, Deep and Search and Recovery Specialties as well as his Divemaster Internship.

Aaron worked hard all month, and is just getting to the last items on his divemaster internship he managed to improve his stamina and got great scores on all of them, despite the stress and studying for his Divemaster exams he did really well.

Watch this space or log onto their blog for more regular information.

We are looking forward to welcoming the summer interns arriving in to start mid June, Will, Geoff, Jamie, Alex, Matt and Foster more info about them next month.

Diving Knife – Equipment information and review

Of all the equipment you carry with you as a diver, your knife looks like the simplest one. But you’ll soon discover that it has many purposes.

Perhaps the most important purpose of a diving knife is that it gives you the ability to cut yourself or your buddy free, if you’d get entangled under water. Therefore it is recommended that you always have your diving knife with you whilst you are diving.

Another purpose for your diving knife is specific to the local area of Tenerife. You can use your knife to help the environment, by killing Black Long-spined Sea Urchins. Unfortunately, Black Long-spined Sea Urchins are now abundant in the Canary Islands, and take over much of the habitat of other species. The diving community requests every diver to help maintain control the number of Black Long-spined Sea Urchins in the waters surrounding the Canary Islands, so that the habitat will be given back to the native species.

One great value dive knife is the Aqualung Zak, 45 Euros.   The blade is made from stainless specifically designed for the marine environment, with a blade length of 10 cm perfect for Urchin culls.

Dive Site Review ~ Poco Naufragio – Kim Timmers

Poco Naufragio is a beautiful dive site in the south of Tenerife.  ‘Poco Naufragio’ means ‘small shipwreck’. It’s not just the name, and the wreck that would make you curious about diving at this dive site. It’s THE place to see one of the most intriguing creatures of the ocean: Stingrays. The Stingrays can get up to four meters wide, even without their tail. Poco Naufragio is only a few minutes from the marina.

When you following the line down, you’ll find that it is attached to a block of concrete, that is placed on a shelf. The shelf houses many different species of aquatic life, and is semi-circular shaped. Some of the species you’ll find on the shelf are Moray Eels, Arrow Crabs, Scorpion fish, Lizard fish and an occasional Stingray.

You could dive while staying on the shelf throughout the dive, and not go below 18 meters. If your certification level allows you to go deeper, than you can descent further, next to the shelf, and visit the wreck itself. The wreck is found on a sand bottom, and is about 4 meters long. The Stingrays that live in the area, are usually seen near the wreck, but they do occasionally visit the shelf as well. Stingrays are commonly sighted at Poco Naufragio, but it’s never a guarantee to see them, as they are wild animals. This only adds to the excitement of this dive site, because you never know what to expect.

We are now running our 8 week internship from the 1st of every calendar month, the next start date available is 1st July 2012.

We provide all the training for FREE, however there are costs involved with regards PADI materials, diving insurance, accommodation & equipment.

During your time with us you will learn to be a dive guide and teaching assistant. You will also learn how to interact with clients and students as well as various aspects of sales, customer services, equipment maintenance and obviously diving lots!

All diving is FREE for the whole duration you are with us we guarantee you that you will do a minimum of 60 Dives, some of our interns manage over 100 dives!

As the longest running, and only 5 Star PADI Dive centre in the area, (1 of only 4 in Tenerife) and number 1 in the PADI Rankings for the Golf Del Sur / Amarilla Golf regions of Tenerife 2009 / 2010 / 2011, we ensure you will have a great time and give you loads of assistance during your course.

Our PADI Dive Centre has trained more Divemasters than any other centre in the area and the majority have gone on to use the qualification for employment in some form or for continuing their education.

Some are now working DM’s others continued on to be PADI Instructors and one is even working as a Dolphin Trainer!

We have additional discounts on accommodation for multiple bookings i.e.. couples / friends /Clubs / Groups

Not PADI certified, don’t worry, as there are crossovers for all levels of BSAC, SSAC, CMAS, FEDAS, SSI, NAUI, SAA, SCOT SAC etc, so just let us know what agency and what level you are and we will tell you the next PADI level required.

If you wish to apply for the internship please send your CV and a photograph with your preferred dates and also letting us know where you found out about us.

We are also able to offer the following PADI courses / internships to better enhance your work opportunities and diving experiences;

PADI Master Scuba Diver
PADI Assistant Instructor
PADI Instructor
Pre-Instructor Development Course

If you have any questions take the opportunity to check out our web page.

Or our new Divemaster Intern Blog

More from us next month.